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  • Why should a non-profit consider CRM?

    What’s this CRM all about, you ask? You’ve been hearing about it and as a non-profit you are not too sure this applies to your organization. We're here to write why we think CRM for non-profits makes so much sense today. First of all, a CRM system is generally not just customer/ constituent relationship management or sales focused anymore and it doesn’t have to be about software working in coordination with business practices to manage information and meet key business needs. Today, CRM is a single, integrated contact (and contact can be anything in your operation – like a member, donor, client, volunteer etc) that provides the following benefits.

    1. Engage Your Constituents
    • 360 Degree View - CRM software for not for profits helps you see who your contributors are and the many possible overlaps in your organization’s interactions with them. CRM allows you to see how they’ve engaged with you in the past while also showing the many ways they relate to your organization. When you have all of their data in a single place, yourself, or any other person in your organization, can clearly see who this person is, thank them for their previous donations, and facilitate a deeper relationship between your organization and that constituent.
    • Communications - The phrase used to be “Reach the right people, with the right message at the right address.” These days it’s become “Reach the right people, with the right message, through the right channel”. CRM systems allow you to track where people tend to interact, whether that is via social, email, phone etc. allowing your organization to mirror your communication to them using the channel they prefer. This makes you more responsive to the constituent as well as more cost effective and efficient to the organization.
    2. Better Information for Your Non-Profit Organization

    The more information you gather, the more complete a picture of your individual constituents you will have. This information can show you who they are and how they are engaged with not only you, but your entire organization. As all the information is contained centrally in the CRM system and not spread out across different computers, Excel sheets, filing cabinets and in different physical locations, everyone in the organization has the most up to date and complete picture of the constituent and the activity surrounding them. You can start to identify trends; which groups of people are engaging with you and in which ways so you can appropriately plan out your next campaign and messaging. This in turn leads to improved donation management, grant management, member management or a range of other applications relevant to your specific requirements.

    3. Organizational Efficiency through Integration

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 DashboardA CRM such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, delivers organizational efficiency by decreasing the number of systems employees have to learn and manage. With a single unified system, staff only need to be trained on one consolidated system, saving time and effort and therefore cost. This also leads to better business practices. With a unified system you can standardize complex processes like how your organization handles the different forms of revenue. People in your organization start to get on the same page, thinking similarly about business practices, using the same tools and building relationships with the organization’s network of constituents.

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  • Why are NFP organizations replacing iMIS with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

    As not for profit organizations, including membership, educational, and mission based groups, learn more about Dynamics CRM, they are reevaluating their investment in iMIS association management solution. If you are currently using iMIS, you may want to consider Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an affordable constituent management solution.   Your employees and volunteers will get more done with less frustration.

    Fund your mission, not your software

    One of the top reasons that current iMIS users are evaluating their association management system is cost.  Fiscal responsibility to your members requires vigilant evaluation of the costs to manage your organization.

    With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, qualified non-profit organizations receive special pricing. The Non-Profit Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes out-of-the-box CRM functionality as well as customizations for:

    - Donation and pledge management
    - Basic membership management
    - Basic volunteer tracking
    - Campaign management
    - Excel dashboard reports
    - Payment solution for online donations

    There is no association management system on the market today that gives you the functionality of Dynamics CRM for such a reasonable investment.

    Make work easy for employees and volunteers

    Training employees and volunteers to use out-dated systems takes valuable time away from the work that they could be doing to further your mission.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM works directly through Outlook or through the web — there is no learning curve.  The interface is easy to navigate with intuitive self-help buttons every step of the way.

    Unlike iMIS, it’s easy to configure the system to match your terminology and business processes.  Setting up automated workflow keeps balls from dropping no matter how many people are involved in the process. 

    Collaboration and web integration made easy

    Another reason associations are making the switch to Dynamics CRM is the ease of integration with other systems that you use to manage vendor and partner transactions.  If you are like most associations, you want to expand the services you offer to your constituents without big investments in customizations.

    When you are ready to find out more about how much money and hassle you could save by switching to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, contact Colin Dickinson at

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