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  • A Glimpse of our Canadian Executive Briefings for Non-profits

    Top 3 Strategies to Cut Costs and Improve the Tracking of Performance Metrics
    What does success mean to your organization? Defining success is key to help drive your goals towards making a difference. By articulating your successes and results you can help attract more donors, increase funding sources as well as internalize the results and objectives across your operations increasing effectiveness and synergies with staff. We’ve outlined 3 core strategies to successfully cut costs and track your performance metrics.

    1. Leverage technology to support performance tracking in your operations

    When it comes to supporting performance tracking in your operations you need to be disciplined and consistent year over year. We recommend you use technology to support what you need to track, all the while ensuring that you build the metrics important to your entire operations.

    2. Leverage technology to promote easier decision making

    Enabling more informed decision making by ensuring your systems are easy to use, intuitive and flexible. The key is to rely on solutions to reduce the hurdles for back office staff to investigate and find information.

    3. Leverage technology to promote accountability and transparency in your operations

    Increase transparency in your operations and promote the sharing of responsibility for accountability across your organization by leveraging technology. Web-based tools that are simple to understand and easy to use for your front office folks gives back office staff increased visibility into budget statuses and budgetary control in a real time basis.

    Attend one of our upcoming Executive Briefings in Calgary, Vancouver or Ottawa to gain real customer insight into strategies to cut costs and improve performance tracking.

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  • Long-Term Benefits With The Right Partner (Part 1 of 3)

    Choosing the right Financial Management solution is not only about the immediate cost, but more importantly, it’s about the long-term benefits provided by your investment and Partner!

    With the many product and vendor choices available today, making the right choice for your organization usually factors in the product fit, overall cost, on-going annual costs and past customer references. However, are these criteria sufficient when investigating the key financial tool that will run your organization for years to come?

    ‘The Client Life Cycle’ or the long-term care relationship and services you will receive as your needs change, is one of the most important aspects of making an important technology decision. Your financial solution is critical to tracking revenue and expense, to making critical business decisions and to helping you grow while also making organizational improvements. This is why the long term relationship with your vendor, the care you will receive from that vendor and how the vendor will ensure your financial solution continues to meet those needs during the life cycle of your relationship, is very important.

    Below are a few, key ‘long-term care’ considerations for selecting a qualified vendor:

    1. Dedicated account representatives whose role is taking care of you, assisting you with product decisions, budget planning and so on. 
    2. Ample online and classroom training opportunities, newsletters, blogs, webcasts, and training videos. 
    3. Information-filled Annual Conference, offering networking opportunities with similar organizations to yours. 
    4. Documented ‘handovers’ as you move through the implementation to live use of your system.
    5. Dedicated ‘on-the-fly’ support for urgent issues. 
    6. A clear annual product roadmap and review of product improvements to meet your needs. 
    7. A client satisfaction strategy to ensure a successful long-term relationship.

    Stay tuned for more posts on each of these important considerations!

    Read Part 2 of 3 of this article

    Submitted by Diana Budreau, Client Relationship Director

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