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Altus Dynamics Software Solutions - Recorded Demonstrations

View a recorded live demonstration and find out how Altus Dynamics ERP or CRM meets your needs. Or, participate in a one-on-one demonstration! Request a Live Altus Dynamics Demo by emailing or contacting us. An Altus Dynamics representative will contact you to schedule a time that is convenient.

Recorded Live Demonstrations from Altus Dynamics

4 Ways to Elevate Your Non-Profit With Office 365

See a demo of 4 key themes within Office 365 which can elevate your organization and help it thrive.

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Make 2015 the year to modernize your ERP

Do you feel your ERP solution is very out of date? Do you access it via old green screens, or other out of date user interfaces? Is it difficult to put data into or extract data from for reporting purposes? If so, then this webcast will be of interest to you.

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Get to Know Microsoft Dynamics CRM

See an overview of Microsoft's flagship constituent relationship management tool, Dynamics CRM. See first hand its capabilities and benefits to your non-profit/public sector organization.

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Altus Dynamics Donor Engage

Maximise your fundraising efforts with Altus Dynamics Donor Engage - powerful donation management built inside Dynamics CRM 2013. Click below to view the recording of a webinar showcasing the solution.

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Altus Dynamics ERP Latest Release 07.04 Demo

See the latest release of our ERP solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV in this 45 minute demo.

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Dynamics CRM - Top 3 Strategies For Managing Your Stakeholder Information

During this webcast you'll see the top 3 strategies for optimizing your connections with your constituents as well as a live demo of these in action within the Dynamics CRM application.

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Integrated Employee Management and Scheduling for Nonprofits

Scheduling and management of employees across multiple locations, managing positions with complex payroll rules, tracking certifications, staff training and unions or developing better onboarding programs can be challenging. If you are struggling with any of the above then this webcast will be of real interest.

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3 Add-Ons Enhancing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Now and in the Future

As a flexible, highly customizable base constituent relationship management platform, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is outstanding. But how can it be made even more useful to your organization? The answer is Add-Ons. In this demo we show you the base platform and also discuss several Add-Ons including InsideView and Netbreeze, which add an extra layer of functionality to Dynamics CRM.

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Web Portals - Empowering Employees and Reducing Administration

ERP systems such as Dynamics NAV are great tools for core users to manage information. But they can be greatly enhanced by extending access to the wider organization, empowering staff to interact with the back-end system. At this session we demonstrate the power of such access, available via our web-based portals.

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4 Powerful Drivers of Improved Information Management

View this recording to gain insight into the 4 big themes of Dynamics CRM 2013 (User Experience, Single Database, Process Driven User Experience, Mobility) and how they can improve your information management.

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Grants Management for Canadian Public Sector and Non-profit organizations

Discover how Altus Dynamics ERP, a Microsoft certified accounting solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 provides the robust fund management and reporting you need to manage and report on grants and to funders

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Dynamics CRM 2013 Launch in conjunction with Microsoft Canada

In this recording, see an overview of the history, growth and product direction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, presented by Nelson Lopes, National Partner Technology Strategist, Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Canada. Then dive into the solution as Altus Dynamics show you the brand new look and feel of Dynamics CRM 2013 and 4 major themes this release embraces.

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Altus Dynamics NAV 2013 Launch Webinar in conjunction with Microsoft

See the latest version of the Altus Dynamics NAV financial management solution, powered by NAV 2013. Hear from Microsoft about the growth, power and future of the solution with an Altus Dynamics demonstration of how this powerful tool can improve the way your operation functions, reports on data and empowers your employees and staff. 

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