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2016 Summer Release SeriesSquare- Top 6 festures of finance
2016 Summer Release SeriesSquare- wonders of workflows

Outgrowing QuickBooks?

Learn how to identify the signs that QuickBooks may no longer be the right solution to manage your organization's finances.

The Connected Enterprise

Learn how to better listen, engage, amplify, solve, innovate, and analyze by embracing social technologies.

The Top 6 Sizzling New 2016 Features for Finance

With the release of Altus Dynamics NAV 2016 there are many new financial-based features that can help your organization manage its finances in an efficient and effective manner.

The Wonders of 2016 Workflows

With the release of Altus Dynamics NAV 2016 comes the welcomed addition of Workflows. A Workflow is an automated tool that will save you manual labor time, will run 24/7, will remove the risk of human error and so much more. How does it work? Download this webcast to find out!
absence management
expense claims webcast cta

Be Amazed By 2016 Absence Management

As part of our Altus Dynamics NAV 2016 summer release we developed an Absence Management module that allows for great flexibility of use and features many additions that our clients have been asking for.

Excitement Overload for 2016 Expense Claims

We know, submitting expense claims at the end of the month can be such a headache sometimes. If only someone could figure out a way to make the process faster and easier! Oh wait, that's what we did and we want to share this development with you!

Community Living & Human Services


SAL Impact reporting
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[VIDEO] Impact & Performance Reporting Best Practices for Human Services Organizations

Find out more about the benefits of
using outcomes-based reporting practices in your Human Services organization.

Guide to Effortless Employee Management for Community Living & Human Services Organizations

Learn how to spend less time managing staff, schedules, and payroll, and more time on delivering exceptional client care.

6 Tech-Savvy Ideas That Will Enhance (and Simplify) Client Care

Learn how to stop juggling piles of client paperwork and get technology to do the work for you

Top 5 Technology Trends in Community Living & Human Services Organizations

This guide will show you how to improve analytics, enable a mobile workforce, and unify your processes & information.

Integreated Employee Scheduling for Social Services Whitepaper crop
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client engage
Intergenerational workforce banner gotowebinar NEW

Integrated Employee Scheduling for Social Services and Supported Living

This whitepaper will show you ways to ease the difficulties associated with employee scheduling.

Social Services Solutions

Faster reporting, lower administrative
burden, and solutions that work together
can drastically improve your organization.

Simple & Secure Social Services Client Management with Microsoft CRM + Client Engage

 With the demand for social services increasing, our tools give you the critical information you need to ensure the highest quality of care and program delivery.

The Intergenerational Workforce: Best Practices for the Human Services Sector

There’s no getting around it – Human Services organizations need help. The current workforce is moving into retirement and there are alarming trends that show these organizations have high turnover rates.

Nonprofit Organizations


Tech Funding - image for industry trends page
Social Impact Reporting - Title only

[VIDEO] Building a Bulletproof Proposal to get your Technology Project Funded

Learn about the best tips for writing grant proposals, featuring advice from a peer who's been there.

[VIDEO] How to transition from reporting results to reporting social impact

Find out how to start reporting on the social impact that your organization is having.

8 Simple Steps to Building a Bullet-Proof Proposal for Technology Funding

If you are planning to implement new software or do an upgrade, this guide can help you get your project funded.

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NFP Sheet crop

5 Tech Secrets for the Evolving Nonprofit

Is your nonprofit growing? This guide will ensure you are ready for the future.

11 Ways to Recognize an Epic Accounting System for Non-Profits

Learn to recognize if your accounting system is right for you.

Nonprofit Solutions

Check out Altus solutions that will help you better manage finances, HR & payroll transactions, as well as employees, donors, and volunteers.

Easy & Efficient Donation Management with Microsoft CRM + Donor Engage

The strength of your donation management system can make or break your ability to create meaningful interactions with donors.

social enterprise

The Social Enterprise: A Nonprofit's Guide to Building a Revenue Stream

Never heard of a social enterprise? Know what a social enterprise is but not how it works? Not sure if a social enterprise is right for your organization? We’re here to answer your questions!

Youtube Nonprofit square

Tell Your Story. Create Your Change: Leveraging the Power of the YouTube for Nonprofits Program

Learn how your nonprofit can use YouTube as a tool to gain an audience for your content and turn those view counts into charitable donations, volunteerism, community, changes in legislation, and more!

Higher Education

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Higher Ed print screen 1

Higher Education Solutions

Gain deeper insight into corporate and alumni relations, admissions and enrollment, financial and payroll administration, recruiting and staffing, student and teacher performance, and more.

Engagement Best Practices Throughout the Student Lifecycle in Higher Education

Lear how you can best engage your students from prospect all the way through to alumni.


7 Ways to Make right erp choice whitepaper crop
Govt. Industry sheet crop

Seven Tips for Choosing the Right Public Sector ERP System

This whitepaper will guide you through the many consideration to keep in mind when shopping for a new ERP solution, for integration to support capabilities and ongoing costs.

Government Solutions

Solutions that help make government organizations leaner and more response, while ensuring the outcomes that citizens demand.

K12 Education


5 Must have K12 enhancements eBook crop
K12 sheet crop
Best of Both World CRop
Book title K12  -guide to improving school board operations

The 5 Must-Have Technology Management Enhancements for K12 School Board Management

This guide covers what today's management solution looks like for K12 organizations.

K12 Education Solutions

Learn how to focus, prioritize, and apply your expertise to more effectively manage your school board or district.

Best of Both Worlds

Learn how we provide K12 boards with the best of both worlds: vertical functionality and horizontal resources. 

 2016 Essential Guide to Improving School Board Operations

Learn how to run a smooth K12 board and open doors to creating enviable, effective learning environments.

[VIDEO] Improve Your K12 Procurement Process

Learn how you can save time and improve your procurement process with Altus Dynamics and cloudBuy.

York Region District School Board’s Technological Vision

Learn how the Ontario K12 board has planned to radically enhance procurement effectiveness with technology. 

[INFOGRAPHIC] Fearsome Files: The Challenges of K12 HR & Employee Management

Understand the trials and challenges that school board HR professionals face daily. 

Arts & Culture

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Cover Page

Solutions for Cultural and Performing Arts Organizations

Gain revolutionary and insightful solutions from Altus Dynamics to maximize your fundraising performance, financial management, employee and payroll processing, ticketing, and membership.

Guide to Developing your Volunteer Program

Learn how you can develop a robust and successful volunteer program for your Arts & Culture organization.