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Successful Implementations of our Microsoft Dynamics Software Solutions

Our implementation approach follows a step by step process that gives you control, helps you to manage your costs and provides risk management every step of the way. Once we have selected the software solution that is right for your organization's needs, we will work with you to achieve a successful and easy system deployment.

Planning Together

In the early phases we work with you to determine who the team members are, the goals, scope, structure, schedule, roles, responsibilities, and risks of the project.


We consult with your staff and marry the requirements with our solutions. We provide various levels of documentation on your conceptualization phase depending on your budget and needs.

Configuration and Development

Based on the goals and objectives for your new solution, Altus Dynamics offers flexibility in configuration:

Simple -  You plan on using our solution as 'out of the box' as possible.  We provide minimal configurations to get you using your new solution.


Medium  - Let's face it, sometimes you have unique requirements and you need the solution to handle these needs.  Our medium development strategy provides you with a complete solution fit - 100%. 


Complex  - In some cases, you are super unique and there just isn't a solution out there that can handle your needs perfectly.  We offer the ability to gain integrated and comprehensive functionality directly in your Altus Dynamics solution some some more advanced development.

Quality Control and Testing

We ensure we include time to test your new Altus solution.  We go beyond testing and give you a chance to experiment in a risk free environment. We take actual transactions and run them through Altus Dynamics Solution to test whether:

  • All of the exceptions to normal processing have been allowed
  • Everyone is aware of their responsibilities in the new system
  • Transactions flow smoothly through the new procedures we have established
  • All of your requirements have been properly understood by both the Altus Dynamics team and the staff who will be responsible for the new system


The sooner you know how to make the most of your new solution, the sooner you can begin reaping the benefits. We connect you to our veteran industry experts for some classroom style, one-on-one or on-site training with your data. Also, we can explore a train-the-trainer approach if it will help you become comfortable and independent sooner.


Our proven approach to planning and testing can make the actual system deployment a non-event. The set up of your new system, the loading of data and the entry of transactions have all been done by your staff in a test environment. This is when we put planning into action!

We ensure that your Altus Dynamics consultant is on-site during system deployment, particularly during important events, such as the first cheque run and month end.

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