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Altus Send™

Save time and easily send properly formatted reports directly out of NAV

Altus Send™ is an enhancement to Dynamics NAV that enables users to send reports and documents via email or fax with well-preserved formats. With one simple click, users can send any report or invoice directly from NAV in a pdf format. 

You can benefit from:

  • Saving time by leveraging Altus Send™'s automated process for communicating reports and documents via e-mail
  • Gain control of your document sending from the built-in workflow for document sending
  • Get the flexibility you need by choosing the method to send documents - Email, Fax or Print
  • Well formatted documents that look good

System Requirements

NAV 2009 and NAV 2009 RTC

Altus Send™ integrates with other software to produce and send PDF documents. As a base requirement, each user requires PDF-generation software to be installed. The two supported packages are:

  • PDF995 - Currently approx. US$10 per user
  • Win2PDF - Currently approx. US$40 per user

For automatic e-mailing of documents, the add-on integrates with Microsoft Outlook using standard NAV processes.

For faxing, Altus Send™ uses Windows Fax Services. Through Windows Fax Services, faxes can either be transmitted directly from the workstation (if it has a fax/modem and phone line connected) or can be routed through a central server with a fax/modem and phone line connection.

How to purchase

Contact Us and we'll share with you how easy this is to install

Click to download the Altus Send Brochure.