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Financial Solutions

CIO Review Top 10 Accounting Software Providers 2014Financial Management in your organization involves many different moving parts.  When it comes to financial solutions, you need an application that accurately represents your organization’s financial health and gives you the insight you need to make informed decisions.  


With Altus Dynamics, powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you gain the edge to run your finance department accurately and efficiently.  Your finance team can rely on automatic approval processing and workflows that support your business processes while giving you budgetary control.  Monitor fiscal performance, meet business and regulatory requirements, and help reduce the time and effort you spend on accounting tasks. 

General Ledger

Centralize your organization’s accounting information, posting specifications, and other core data. Work efficiently in a multiple-user environment, explore the most up-to-date financial data and work according to your needs.

Cash Management

Track monetary accounts at financial institutions more efficiently. You can control your bank accounts directly from Altus Dynamics, keep them updated, and automate and control the entire cheque-writing process.

Budgeting Management

Track an unlimited number of budgets directly in Altus Dynamics, powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  You’ll have all the flexibility to create and plan your budgets accurately in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or in Excel, and simply import budget information into NAV.  You can be 'in the know' with quick budget performance insight, and compare all your accounts with budget to actual variances (available account balances).

Granting Management

Like many non-profit and government agencies, you may find yourself managing the approval, distribution, and tracking of grants with limited resources. With our granting management solution, you can streamline and save time managing  your grant management tasks while allocating more of your time to what's most important: evaluating solicitations and distributing funds to the most deserving applicants.

Altus Dynamics Granting Management  gives you the capability to track granting programs, specify which funds will be supporting the program and track your criteria for how grants applying to this program will be evaluated.


Manage payables efficiently and accurately in order to optimize cash availability, while keeping your vendors, partners and employees happy.


Manage invoicing and receivables accurately and efficiently.  Monitor receivables for billing, grants, or donations.

Fixed Assets

Manage the entire life cycle of your fixed assets—from pre-construction , pre-acquisition to disposal.

Fund Management

Manage your inter-fund transactions effectively and automatically. This integrated capability gives you behind the scenes controls for automatic fund balancing features.

Multiple Currency

Keep your local currency and invoice, order, report and make/accept payments in alternative currency.

Project Tracking

Track your projects and gain instant insight into key details like your contacts, status, budget and funding.