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Mobility For Your Organization

We live in an increasingly connected and mobile world. People want the flexibility and convenience of being able to work outside of the traditional office setting – at home, at the local coffee shop, out in the local communities and in the office. The solutions you use at your non-profit need to adapt to this new reality or the organization could suffer.

Your employees need to be able to serve their communities, deliver programs, reach your constituents and grow funds, collaborate with colleagues and deliver your mission. Making information accessible means giving your employees the tools for productivity that are powerful and easy to use.

We understand organizations need to share information effectively, affordably embracing the need for getting to information from anywhere at any time. That is why we create applications redesigned and reimagined for the mobile world.

Our mobile applications are optimized to take advantage of everything mobile has to offer through your browser or via apps available on Windows, Apple and Android.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM on iPhone

Mobilize your organization

With Altus Dynamics you get a range of mobility options. Our online Employee Web Apps allow the wider organization to access important steps in your operational process like managing budgets, processing invoices, viewing work schedules, requesting time off, expenses or entering their time.

For those in the field such as case workers who need remote access to client information via laptop, tablet or smartphone, our Microsoft Dynamics CRM based solutions provide the same access you would have sitting at your desk. Securely access client data and update records or case notes only once and it is updated back at the office. No manual re-entry. No out of date information.

Intuitive. Real time. Efficient.

Altus Dynamics Donor Engage Dashboard on Surface Pro3Connectedness includes sharing information in real time with intuitive drill down capabilities so your employees get to information quickly, efficiently and easily from anywhere.

Your administrative staff need an integrated finance and HR solution that makes processing payroll to managing your general ledger easy. They also need to empower the wider organization with the ability to make updates anytime, anywhere.

Unifying Processes

We know unifying processes means better reporting, less time managing data and more time analyzing and providing insight for better decisions. This positions your organization for growth, underpinning why you do what you do and helping to deliver  your organization's mission.

Altus Dynamics, together with Microsoft, takes your organization one-step further with integration to your office solutions. You should be able to type a Word document, share it with your team on SharePoint, correct an agenda point in OneNote, flip to check your department budget to actuals in your accounting system and then export to Excel for some data manipulation from wherever you are? You can with Altus Dynamics.

The mobile working capability has been further enhanced for those on Office 365 with a secure single online sign on giving you access to programs such as Outlook or Excel and now financial management. All in one place, all seamlessly integrated, all from wherever you wish to work.