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Reporting Options & Tools

NAV Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics NAV reporting gives your people business intelligence capabilities with access to real-time data, where you enable them to make informed, confident decisions that help drive your organizations success.

With access to real-time data and a wide range of analytical and reporting tools – including graphical displays, online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes, and Web-based delivery options – you’ll get accurate information about your organizations operations that are essential to your organizations continued success, especially in challenging environments.

Altus Dynamics Analytics

Altus Dynamics Analytics is a cost effective yet powerful financial analysis cube built in Microsoft Excel. This reporting tool utilizes the principles of OLAP Cubes (multi-dimensional databases) and is capable of rapidly extracting data for the purposes of reporting from any SQL based solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV to produce Board reports, general management reports, funder reporting, as well as operational analysis.

Key Solution Features

  • User friendly, Intuitive UI
  • Data intersection analysis targeted to non-profits and the public sector
  • Personalization
  • Charting and graphing
  • Drill Down capabilities
  • Deployment flexibility
  • NAV License
  • Mobility

Read more or Altus Dynamics Analytics for Finance the Altus Dynamics Analytics Product Sheet for a complete overview of this solution.

Jet Reports

Jet-Reports-LogoJet Reports is an Excel based, advanced reporting tool. With Jet Enterprise your organization can take advantage of instant analysis with pre-defined cubes and KPIs for Finance, Purchasing, AP and AR – which all integrate with Dynamics NAV.

Jet Enterprise comes with over 60 prebuilt dashboards for Dynamics NAV, and the Advanced Cube Security interface gives you complete control over who see your data – just like in Dynamics NAV. Simple Excel Pivot Table interfaces, and drag and drop functionality lets you quickly see trends and discover important relationships and correlations all within a familiar Excel environment.

Employee WebApps

Altus Dynamics WebApps gives non-ERP users the ability to access information from anywhere. The WebApps allows you to personalize your dashboard, and will show the information you decide is the most relevant. With no editing capabilities from within the WepApps reports dashboard, you can allow non ERP users to view all the reports they need – without them being able to push data back into your ERP system. Learn more.

NAV & CRM Dashboards

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 dashboardWithin Altus Dynamics ERP users have personalized workspaces. These dashboards provide tiles with at a glance information pertaining to the particular user. With easy drop down capabilities, and the ability to create an Excel report with one simple click – quick, basic reporting is easy and all right from your personalized work space.

Dynamics CRM offers similar functionality. With role based interfaced, user dashboards hold a summary of important data to them. Again, with drop down capabilities, quick filtering options, and a one click export to Excel feature – quick excel reports are easy to create right from your personal dashboard.